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Phonebooth offers cost-effective, full-featured VoIP phone systems exclusively for businesses. As one of the largest and fastest growing telecommunications providers in the U.S., we believe in unlimited, no-nonsense simplified business communication solutions.

We control the VoIP network

We control our network just like a traditional phone company. This favorably impacts call quality and price. All Phonebooth calls are on our network, so we can pass those cost savings to you.

We include the Fortune 500 phone features and unlimited minutes you need

Some competitors charge for individual features and minutes. As your company grows, so will your cost. Avoid bait and switch pricing models and choose a simple pricing plan like Phonebooth OnDemand’s $20 per user.

We love our customers and help free their voices from long-term contracts

We have over 10 years experience in the telecommunications industry and we’re the fastest growing telecom company on the Inc. 500. A business phone solution is a significant decision. We understand this and don’t require any contracts with our Phonebooth OnDemand business phone plans.

Why Businesses Free Their Voice with Phonebooth

Our customers have benefited from using Phoneboth with large savings, increased productivity and ease of use.

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Go Realty

“With Phonebooth we are able to have an extension for each broker without having separate phones…” Read more or watch the video below to hear more!