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Phonebooth is an application that rides on your Internet connection, much like email and video. As with those applications, the quality of your phone experience is directly related to the quality of your data connection. With a wired broadband connection like Cable or DSL, your Phonebooth® OnDemand calls will sound crystal clear.

In simple terms, business VoIP, or Voice over IP, is a telephone service that uses your current Internet connection instead of traditional phones lines. The use of the Internet makes our phone service easier to maintain and much more cost effective.

Phonebooth® OnDemand – A full-featured business phone system with premium HD voice quality. It is designed for small- and medium-sized businesses requiring a low cost, unlimited calling, easy to use phone system. Our service is an Internet-based hosted VoIP solution that offers businesses significant savings over traditional analog phone systems. It comes preloaded with features, including unlimited local and long distance calling, two free local phone numbers, auto-attendants, voicemail, voicemail text transcriptions, conference calling and much more. Unlimited usage is subject to our Terms of Service and our Acceptable Use Policy.

Phonebooth® Free (beta) – A free service for consultants, freelancers or for companies looking for a limited demo the Phonebooth® OnDemand service. The features in Phonbooth Free are limited in comparison to Phonebooth® OnDemand and is available for inbound calls only. Features include: a free local phone number, auto-attendant, voicemail, voicemail to text transcriptions, 200 free minutes and more.

Examples of a Phonebooth User would be the following:

  • An employee that needs to make or receive phone calls at a desk phone.
  • A conference room or break room phone
  • Find-Me Follow-Me forwarding service to a home or cell phone
  • Voicemail only account

The quick answer is no. That is the beauty of Phonebooth® OnDemand. However, you will need to have a phone number for any extensions you wish to be directly dialed from the outside world. You will also need a number for any remote users or locations, for 911 purposes, but it is your Administrator’s choice as to who or what requires a phone number.

We maintain geographically redundant servers in our Dallas and Raleigh data centers. These servers are replicated in real-time (i.e. “active” or “hot” backups). Voicemail is replicated in real-time as well between the Dallas and Raleigh data centers and sits on RAID disk arrays for increased redundancy.

The best way to check your messages is via voicemail-to-email transcription. Phonebooth® OnDemand includes free voicemail text transcriptions as part of our service. With Phonebooth® OnDemand, you can have an unlimited amount of messages transcribed, and we include 50 per month with Phonebooth® Free. If you want to call into the voicemail system to check, you will need to call your extension and then press “*” on your phone when you hear your voicemail greeting. Next, enter your voicemail PIN number to access voicemail. In addition, you can also simply login to your Phonebooth® OnDemand portal from any computer with an Internet connection to check your voicemail.

You do not have to buy phones from us, but we have a list of Phonebooth® OnDemand supported phones. We believe we offer a great selection of business phones at very low prices, but if you find phones elsewhere you may still use Phonebooth® OnDemand.

We support a variety of Yealink and Polycom phones. View our supported phones or phones available to purchase.

For 1-10 users, we recommend the following routers:
Linksys WRT Router, Linksys / Cisco E Series (1000, 2000, 3000) and Netgear RangeMax Router

For 10-50 users, we recommend the followign routers:
Cisco (IOS 12.4+), Adtran (AOS) and EdgeMarc 200 & 4500 Series

For 50+ users, please contact our sales team at (877) 599-6972.

Learn more about the routers we recommend using with Phonebooth® OnDemand.

Phonebooth® OnDemand is intended for business use only. If your business operates out of your home and has a sufficient Internet connection (see the first FAQ), then you’re good to go. As it turns out, if you don’t have a home business, Phonebooth® OnDemand service isn’t for you.