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Office Phone System

Phonebooth offers a variety of handsets, features, and configurations for your office phone system. Our unparalleled HD business voice service is available for only $20 per seat per month.

Save hundreds of dollars per year by switching your office phone system from a traditional telecom provider to Phonebooth’s high-quality business VoIP offering. There is no long-term contract, so you don’t take on any risk to try the service and compare it to your outdated and overpriced traditional phone provider.

Phonebooth office phone systems also have many useful features such as auto-attendantsvoice-to-text transcriptionHD voice qualityFollow Me call routing, and others. These features come at no additional fee, unlike some other vendors which have low fixed rates but charge for every feature you need to operate your business at a high level.

Phonebooth’s flat $20 per month per user rate will save you up to 60% per month compared with traditional telecom alternatives, and we have a superior customer service staff that will assist you with any problems or concerns you have, unlike big telecom companies that will make you hold for hours waiting to talk to a real person.

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